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All Mass Camps: Summer 2024


Day Camp Program 2024:  All Mass Camps 781-484-2101   [email protected]
Registration for 2024 season is open to past campers only; new campers can begin applying as of Jan. 1, 2024.
UPDATED 01-20-24:  All sessions are sold out; you can register to be on the waitlist but no guarantee there will be space.  Reminder:  Cancellations after March 1st lose $50 deposit per session/per week.  For waitlist campers, there may be more openings after March 1st. 

2024 DATES

Week 1 July 8-12
Week 2 July15-19
Week 3 July 22-26  
Week 4 July 29- Aug 2    
Week 5 August 5-9
Week 6 August12-16

If your child will need to take medication while at camp (Inhaler, Epipen, etc.), please complete the Medication Form  AND mail with your child's current Medication order from your child's Primary Care Physician ASAP.  This needs to be approved in advance before child spot is approved for camp.

Day Camp takes place at DCR’s property Camp Nihan, located at 131 Walnut Street Saugus, MA 01906   
Monday-Friday 8am-4pm, $185 per week.
For half days, Monday-Friday 8am-12pm, $90 per week. 

Full refunds for 2024 season are available until March 1; after that date, refunds, minus the $50 deposit are available until May 1; no refunds after May 1st.

Our Day Camp offers a variety of activities including swimming, kayaking, fishing, nature walks, recreational games, sports, and crafts.  Dress for the weather, as we will play, swim, etc. outside even in the rain, except when stormy (we do have cabin space for stormy weather).  This program runs Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 4:00pm for Boys & Girls, ages 8-13; half day program runs 8am-12pm. We also have limited spots for our Counselor-in-Training program available for 14 and 15 years old to apply (returning teens only).  Our team of staff includes camper alums, local teachers and college students, and certified lifeguards whose goal is to offer campers an enriching summer full of new friendships and new adventures.

A water bottle with the camper’s name on it is required.  There will be water available at camp at all times.
Bring your own Lunch and snacks for our busy day outside.  We ask NO NUTS be brought to camp.  We also ask that you think about the environment:  Reusable sandwich and snack containers are great!  We introduce Leave No Trace and try to keep trash at a minimum.  All trash that camper brings to camp, goes home with camper.  No straws if possible (especially those little ones that go along with juice boxes, as that little plastic straw cover can harm the wildlife and pond life at camp.)  And we’d love to hear ideas from campers on how we can all improve the impact we have on camp.
* Backpack to carry belongings
Sunblock (SPF 50 or higher):  For full day campers, we will remind campers to put sunblock 1-2x on in the morning and 1-2x again in afternoon. Staff will help campers if parent signs permission form to do so.  We also have sunblock on site if camper forgets to bring.
at for sun protection is highly recommended
Sneakers or appropriate footwear (toes and heels covered except when at beach).  Please note:  If camper wears open-toed sandals, flip flops, etc., they will miss out on a number of activities, as we want to prevent toe and foot injuries.  See more below.
Change of clothes and swim wear- we swim every day, rain or shine...except in stormy weather.  We use individual changing tents to change.
Tick checks: We will remind campers to do regularly and ask that you also do daily at home.  The State of Mass. recommends campers bring bug spray with 10-15% DEET to protect from ticks.  We also have on site it camper forgets to bring.

NOTE:  Sandals and flipflops are not allowed for ANY of our activities except when swimming, as our campers are active throughout the day.  They are allowed on the beach but NOT in activities such as hiking, outdoor games, sports. Sneakers are the best way to prevent foot and toe injuries.

Please leave valuables, electronic devices (cell phones, videogames, Ipods, etc.) and other unnecessary or inappropriate items at home when possible.  We aim to be a tech free camp.  AMC is not responsible for any lost, damaged items.  In today’s world, many campers will have their own phone but it is not needed at camp.  We don’t allow them to use phones except if they ask for permission to call home.  The staff have phones that campers can use to call home as well.

MORNING DROP OFF:  All Mass Camps runs a “rolling” Drop Off and Pick Up.  We meet in the first parking lot of Camp Nihan, which is the first large blacktop space after the entry driveway. We will run check-in from 7:45am-8:15am, so that there is space for all cars to safely drop off and pick up.  For the safety of all, please drive 5mph and wait in the parking lot LINE of cars for pick up and drop off. CAMPERS MUST STAY IN CAR UNTIL STAFF SPEAKS TO ADULT/PARENT IN CAR FOR DAILY CHECK-IN.

During “rolling” Drop-Off and Pick-Up, do not park on the small bridge near the parking lot. The road narrows there and we need to ensure that State and Emergency vehicles can fit through at all times.  It also makes space for passing cars. 

AFTERNOON PICK-UP:  Please stay in vehicle and we will bring child to you for dismissal.  For the safety of all, please drive 5mph. For those attending half day, we will arrive at parking lot around 12:00pm.  For full day campers, campers will be paged via radio to parking lot area, starting at 3:45pm.  All campers remaining will come to parking lot at 4pm. Check-out continues until 4:15pm.  Again, this window of time for dismissal is so that there is space for all cars to safely drop off and pick up. Please do not park (and leave your vehicle) in this lot any time after 3:30pm (if you arrive this early, stay in your car and begin waiting in the dismissal line of cars for rolling pick-up.)


7:45am-8:15am                               Check-in
8:00am-8:15am                               Home Base, drop off bag if not needed yet, sunblock, bugspray if needed
8:15am-9:15am Period 1
9:15am-10:00am                             Period 2 (Morning snack time during this period.)                             
10:00am-10:45pm                           Period 3   
10:45am-11:30am            Period 4
Lunch takes place at 11:30am at Home Base, Recess
(12:00pm Half Day Campers are dismissed, and will have their snack or Lunch at 11:30am with their group.)
12:15pm-1:15pm                             Period 5
1:15pm-2:00pm                               Period 6                              
2:00pm-2:45pm                               Period 7 (Afternoon snack time during this period.)  
2:45pm-3:30pm/3:45pm Period 8
3:30pm/3:45pm Home Base, 
Prepare for Dismissal (depending age, time needed to prepare)
3:45pm Dismissal starts

Each Period, each Team will participate in activities in one of three areas:  Waterfront, Picnic Table, and Up Top Field. 

·        Waterfront Activities: swimming, fishing, kayaking, table games, lawn games, beach games, crafts

·        Picnic Table Area Activities:  board games, field games, tournaments, recreational games, crafts, nature walks, hikes, educational games, & more

·        Up Top Field Activities:  large group games, basketball, field games, sports/lead up sports (street hockey, whiffleball, mini-lacrosse),& more

·        Additional program space:  We’ll also travel around DCR property for nature walks and hikes, which may include the field on Walnut St, as well as hikes to Eagle Rock and Breakheart Res., and Cedar Glen golf course on Water St.

At the end of the Period, each group travels to the next area, where there will be variety of activities to choose from.

Thursday is our special event day!  Watch the bulletin board for themed activities, including what colors to wear or how to dress for the event. 

If you or your child have any concerns or questions in regards to schedule, specific activities, dietary needs, or program expectations, please see the camp staff as soon as possible. 

RAINY DAYS:  We do our best to stay outside on rainy and cooler days, so please dress for the weather.  If your child does not want to participate on days like this, we do understand, but please encourage them to join us for fun outside activities, such as swimming, fishing, hiking, playing games, other outside adventures.  If the weather turns stormy, DCR provides us with three cabins, and each Team will be assigned to stay in that cabin until we can safely go back outside.

Behavior Expectations:  Three rules of camp are:  BE SAFE.  BE RESPECTFUL.  BE NICE & WELCOMING.

If your child is having behavior challenges, our staff’s typical approach is several tries to redirect, then give a short break (time out), then meet with Team Leader, which is typically when we will involve parent; if behavior continues, camper may need to take a break from program area, or take time away from camp. 

If a child has made camp unsafe for himself or others, this may not be an appropriate program; the Camp Director will discuss with parent and staff to determine next steps.  If there is an immediate unsafe situation, parent may need to pick up child immediately.  This would include, but not limited to, bullying, violent incidents, destruction of property, possession of/use of weapons or drugs, etc.  This may also lead to termination from camp.

Other General Camp/Policy Info:  Below are AMC Policies for your information.  If you need additional information, parents have the right to review AMC Policies for background checks, health care, discipline policies, and grievance procedures upon request.  

Background checks: Background checks, including CORI and SORI are completed for ALL staff and volunteers.  No person is allowed to work until all the required background checks have been performed and the Director has been notified of the staff’s clearance to work with children.

Staff Training:  All staff will attend orientation and receive training prior to camp start.  The training will include review of the camp mission, positive behavior management, and group management.  The staff will be trained on all emergency procedures and medical policies. 

Grievances:  The Camp Director will immediately investigate all complaints/grievances and will take all steps necessary to remedy the situation.  Grievances will be discussed with camp counselors and necessary steps taken to continue camper safety.

Refund Policy: Full refunds are available through March 1; refunds, minus the $50 deposit, are returned if cancelled by May 1. No refund if cancellation is after May 1.

All Mass Camps- Lisa Gillis, Day Camp Director    [email protected]

Year-round office: 40 Brunswick Street  Lowell, MA 01852


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