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All Mass Camps: Summer 2022


2022 Malden Catholic Sports Clinics in collaboration with All Mass Camps
BELOW ARE 2021 notes.  As soon as 2022 program is confirmed, we will update.
Thank you!

     *Weekly Sports Clinics, focusing on a different sport each week: Clinics take place at the beautiful Malden Catholic sports campus
     *Monday-Thursday 9:00am-11:30am, unless noted below. Tuition is $150 per week.
     *Clinics offered by Grade: Athletes entering Grades 8-11; athletes entering Grades 5-7; athletes entering Grades 2-4

2021 Sports Clinic at Malden Catholic

Aug 9-12:                 JUST ADDED!  Girls Softball, 9:00am-11:30am

Aug 9-12:                 Boys Soccer, Coach Henry Frantillon 6:00pm-8:30pm

June 28-July 1:          Girls Soccer, Coach Felim Clancy  

July 6-9:                      Boys Football, Coach Bill Raycraft  9:00am-11:30am

July 12-15:                   Boys Basketball, Coach John Walsh. Grades 2-7:  9:00-11:30am;     Grades 8-11: 1:30-4:00pm

July 19-22:                   Boys Hockey, Coach Chris Kuchar, 8:00am-9:20am (Squirts & Peewees); 9:30am-10:50am (Bantams & Midgets) 

July 26- 29: Girls Basketball,  (MC Coach will visit), Coach Annie Burns of Reading/North Reading will be leading.  Grades 2-7:  9:00-11:30am;     Grades 8-11: 1:30-4:00pm

July 26-29:                   Girls Hockey,  Coach Guy Angiuoni,  8:00am-9:20am (U10, U12); 9:30am-10:50am (U14, U16, U18)

July 26-29:                   CO-ED Cross Country & Track/Field, Grades 2-9 , Coach Joy Leone  6:00-8:30pm

July 26-29:                   Boys Baseball, Coach Darren Svendsen  9:00am-11:30am

July 26-29:                   Boys Lacrosse, Coach Mike McCarthy 9:00am-11:30am

Aug 2-5:                       Girls Lacrosse, Coach Erin Brogan 9:00am-11:30am

Aug 2nd only:              Intro to Boys Rugby, 6th Grade & up, 6:00pm-8:00pm, Coach Phillip Baker-Coe  $25 fee  (one night only)

An option of full day program for ages 8-13 is available, if interested in attending Day Camp at DCR Camp Nihan in Saugus. All Mass Camps CANNOT provide transportation this year at this time; parents would have to arrange transportation from Malden Catholic at 11:30am to the Camp Nihan property in Saugus, and pick up in Saugus at 4pm.  Camper can also attend on Friday all day, 8:00am-4:00pm.  Day Camp offers swimming, kayaking, fishing, hiking, crafts, games, etc.  Add’l fee of $50 to attend. Select your choice of Sports Clinic WITH DAY CAMP option to register.   

More info below on COVID-19 protocols, drop-off and pick-up procedures, what to pack, etc. See below.
Allan Gillis, Executive Director   [email protected]
All Mass Camps  617-461-1063

ALL MASS CAMPS’ PARENT HANDBOOK 2021:  Sports Clinics at Malden Catholic

This Parent Handbook is shared annually with parents to provide info on schedules, what to bring, behavior expectations, etc.  This year, we will continue with many new policies and procedures due to COVID-19.  Many of these policies are based on American Camp Association’s new Field Guide, designed to support CDC’s camp operations recommendations, as well as state and local regulations.  As these regulations are updated, All Mass Camps will update procedures. 

For 2021:  May 1st is deadline for full refund for Sports Clinics (April 1st for Day Camp).  After this date, partial refunds are given (minus the $50 deposit) if cancellation is at least two weeks before your child’s camp session start date.  No refunds if less than two weeks before your child’s camp session start date.  As is 2020, this date may change to a later refund date, based on state or local regulation updates. 

If camp is not allowed to open due to state or local orders, regardless of the date of these orders, everyone will have one of these options:

1.      Receive a FULL refund

2.      Move their FULL payments to summer camp 2022

3.      Families can make a donation to All Mass Camps

4.      Or a combination of any of these options (partial refund for now with remaining fees moved for deposit for 2022, partial donation, etc.)

Sports Clinics take place at Malden Catholic High School’s campus, located at 99 Crystal Street Malden, MA 02148.  At this time, the only exception is Hockey Clinic, which takes place at Valley Forum II rink, located 50 Holden Street Malden, MA 02148.

Check out more details and most recent updates at

This camp must comply with regulations of the MDPH & be licensed by Malden Board of Health.  (105 CMR 430.190(C))

All Mass Camps’ Mission:  Provide youth with enriching sports and outdoor recreational experiences, giving children and teens a chance to learn new skills, develop confidence in sports and the outdoors, make new friends, and appreciate all the summer and out-of-school time has to offer.  For 2021, All Mass Camps is looking forward to working hard to meeting this mission all while following federal, state, and local guidelines to keep everyone safe as we all continue to follow COVID-19 protocols. 

Malden Catholic coaches, assistant coaches, and high school varsity players lead drills, skills, scrimmages, and strategy for different age groups. All coaches, assistants, and athletes are also expected to follow Malden Catholic’s values of leadership, sportsmanship, teamwork, and character.

This non-denominational program strives to offer athletes the chance to learn new skills or master established ones in a different sport each week, including baseball, soccer, football, ice hockey*, basketball, cross country, lacrosse, and an intro to rugby*. Malden Catholic’s facility includes new turf fields, tennis courts, grass fields, indoor court, and indoor space in case of inclement weather. *See different times below. Hockey takes place at Valley Forum II rink in Malden.

Refund Policy: Full refunds are available through May 1, 2021; refunds, minus the $50 deposit, are returned if cancelled two weeks prior to start date of session. No refund if cancellation is less than two weeks before clinic start date.

COVID-19 Safety Protocols

Social Distancing:  In order to maximize social distancing, All Mass Camps will once again limit the number of campers we can serve this summer.  In addition, campers will assigned to be a part of small groups/teams, which will be determined before first day of camp, typically based on Grade/Age.  Camper will stay with that small group/team throughout the session, in all clinic and program activities, break times, etc.

Contact Tracing:  Contact Tracing is being able to connect the dots between a person who has COVID-19 symptoms or confirmed case and all of those that he/she may have come in contact with over past 2 days (or start of symptoms).  Campers staying within that same group/team will help with managing with whom each camper interacts with.  Risk is reduced by limiting who a camper will share space and supplies with, and this practice also ensures we have important info for reducing the spread of COVID-19.  If any camper or staff shows symptoms of COVID-19, AMC will immediately be able to report to families any info we have, as well as report to health professionals any contacts as well; those health professionals will then contacted families to share healthy information and advice on next steps for the protection of the camper and their family. Please keep in mind that AMC will not share any names, keeping all health information confidential.

Health & Hygiene:  All Mass Camps has always encouraged campers to make safe choices outside of camp as well:  We’ll need help or parents and campers in ensuring that everyone who attends camp has not had any COVID-19 symptoms, based on their health the two weeks BEFORE camp starts.  More info below.  And at camp, campers are always encouraged to wash hands throughout the day- especially before eating, after using rest room, after playing in the outdoors.  We will ensure all have the opportunity to wash hands regularly; staff will also request campers and staff to wash hands or use hand sanitizer before eating, after rest room, as well as upon arriving at each program area and before leaving each program area, and additional times throughout the day. We still need campers to bring their own refillable/reusable water bottle.  Be sure to encourage your child to advocate for themselves if they need anything from staff, such as water, hand sanitizer, other safety needs or concerns.  Teams may have specific equipment, games, or supplies that are only for their Team, and not shared with other Teams; in some cases, it may be supplies that are assigned to the individual camper.  That equipment will be cleaned and disinfected at least daily.  For equipment that Teams have to share, shared equipment will be cleaned after each Team’s use, disinfected before the next Team uses.  Procedures for how we store this equipment between use may change and we’ll need all campers and staff to follow those procedures to ensure that equipment stays safe and clean. 

All Mass Camps’ operations are designed to follow CDC, state, and local regulations, but these may change as: These regulatory groups suggest or order new rules; our staff recognize we need to make adjustments to continually improve safety; or other factors tell us we need to make different decisions around safety, program design, operational routines, etc.  Staff and parents are welcome to make suggestions any time:  Everyone sees the current situation differently and each one of us will have different experiences and family situations in COVID-19 world.  We will listen to all ideas and do our best to determine how to create practices that work for the overall camp community.  The changes noted in the 2021 Parent Handbook are designed to reduce risk of spreading COVID-19 but we’ll need help from everyone to ensure we all stay as healthy as we can.


1.       We will be asking families and campers to pay extra attention to their child’s health two weeks before their first camp date.  This will help ensure that all campers arriving to camp have shown no symptoms of COVID-19 or other illnesses before arriving at camp.  All Mass Camps reserves the right not to admit a person showing signs or symptoms of any communicable disease or viral infection.


Sports Clinics: PACKING LISTS

For both Day Camp and Sports Clinics, participants should wear appropriate sports/play clothes.  Sneakers are required for all; other appropriate footwear may be noted for specific sports. Other packing items recommended and/or required.   All participants of DAY CAMP AND SPORTS CLINICS should bring the following:  More details below, including what to bring for specific sport.

               _____ Clean mask

               _____ Re-usable water bottle with NAME ON IT

               _____ Backpack to carry belongings

               _____ Sunblock (SPF 40 or higher

               _____ Hat for sun protection

               _____ Healthy snack

               _____ Medication that is needed while at camp (inhaler, Epipen, etc.), in original container 

                              (more important details on medication below)

Please leave valuables, electronic devices (cell phones, videogames, Ipods, etc.) and other unnecessary or inappropriate items at home.  AMC is not responsible for any lost, damaged, or stolen items.

·        A clean cloth face mask is required to attend camp (or similar mask as recommended by CDC)Your child will need to wear this mask as they arrive to.  Masks stay on throughout day.  Camp will have extra masks in case needed, but limited supply; extras are more for times when replacement is needed due to concerns over infection or they get dirty, etc.  The only times that a mask can be removed is when campers are water breaks (must be 6 feet away from all) and snack breaks (at assigned times, in assigned seating to ensure social distance).

·        A water bottle with the camper’s name on it is required.  There will be water available at camp at all times.  

·        Camp will have CDC approved hand sanitizer on site.  Campers can bring their own small container of hand sanitizer:  CDC recommends that hand washing with soap and water is best, but if using hand sanitizer, CDC recommends alcohol-based hand sanitizers with greater than 60% ethanol or 70% isopropanol. 

·        Bring your own snacks.  We ask NO NUTS be brought to camp.  NO SHARING OF FOOD.  We also ask that you think about the environment:  Reusable sandwich and snack containers are great!  We introduce Leave No Trace and try to keep trash at a minimum.  ALL CAMPERS TO BRING TRASH BACK HOME WITH THEM. 

·        Backpack to carry belongings:  Please be sure that all of your child’s needs can stay in one backpack, as staff will have to monitor any items that are not with the camper or held at the camper’s home base (the location that camper stores that bag).  Lost & Found items will be removed from camp at the end of the day UNLESS THEY ARE MARKED WITH CAMPER’S NAME, in which case they will be placed in a trash bag and marked with their name until camper picks up.

·        Sunblock (SPF 50 or higher):  Please have campers put sunblock on before they arrive.  It can take some time for sunblock to begin working. We recommend that campers bring sunblock in case they need to put on a 2nd time.  Teach your child how to properly put on sunblock; for younger campers, staff can help with parent permission but best if they can do on their own.

·        Hat for sun protection is highly recommended

·        Sneakers or appropriate footwear

·        Change of clothes:  Due to COVID-19 risk, we prefer that campers DO NOT change at the site.  Campers will have access to rest rooms, but they should not be used for changing.  Campers should come prepared to put on gear right on the field or court.  Hockey locker room protocols are still being updated.


Morning drop-off times for Sports that take place at Malden Catholic facilities are 8:45-9:00am Monday-Thursday.   At this time, COVID-19 regulations state that a parent has to check in directly with All Mass Camps/MC staff, in order to answer COVID-19 related health questions daily. Teens can check in on their own, and answer same questions.  If you arrive after 9:00am, follow procedures for late check in station.  If parent knows ahead of time that their child will be late (due to dr’s appt, summer school, etc.), please inform the Allan Gillis or Sports Coordinator ASAP to determine best check in spot.  More details below.

Afternoon pick-up times for Sports Clinics is at 11:30am Monday-Thursday.  Ages 8 & 9 must be checked out by parent, or picked up by approved teen or adult (approved by parent). Ages 10 & up are able to walk home WITH PARENT PERMISSION but still need to check out with staff.  Ages 8 & 9 year old can be picked up by teen or other adult approved by the parent; parents are asked to put in writing any changes in pick up as well as approved adults/teens.  If child needs to leave earlier than 11:30am, child must be signed out by Sports Coordinator.  If parents are late due to emergency, please contact Allan Gillis at 617-461-1063 to let our staff know of the situation.  Otherwise, late fees may apply if child is not picked up by 11:30am.  If your child is attending the afternoon session of Day Camp, parent must provide transport by 11:30am; pick up at end of Day Camp day is at 4:00pm at the Day Camp location, Camp Nihan in Saugus.

Times for HOCKEY ONLY: 
There are two sessions for Boys Hockey.  There are two sessions for Girls Hockey.

• Squirts & Peewees, session runs 8:00am-9:20am *  U10, U12, session runs 8:00am-9:20am

• Bantams & Midgets, session runs 9:30am-10:50am.  U14, U16, U18, session runs 9:30am-10:50am.

The rink is open by 7:30am, and players and parents must check in with Sports Coordinator each morning upon arrival in the lobby of the rink.  This age group must also check out with parent or other approved adult, unless ages 10 & older and parent permission to walk home.  Locker room is open for players to get ready to be on ice as soon as Zamboni is off ice.  We also ask that players and parents check out before departure ages 8-10.  All Mass Camps, MC, and Valley Forum II rink are not responsible for lost or stolen items. 

Here are notes on specific gear for specific sports:

• Lacrosse- Players should bring full gear if they have it (boys- helmet, stick, gloves, shoulder pads, chest protector, cup, mouthguard, etc.; girls- stick, goggles, mouthguard).  Sneakers or soft lax cleats (turf field) are required.  If you do not have full lax equipment, bring what you have.  Contact us if this equipment is not available to you; we may have limited equipment on hand if you give us at least two weeks’ notice.

• Football- Sneakers or soft fball cleats (turf field) are required.  This is no contact football session, so you do not need other fball gear.

• Tennis- Bring your own racquet if you have one that you are comfortable with.  Please wear hat and sneakers.  We will have limited racquets available, so please let us know with two weeks’ notice if you need to use one so we can ensure enough equipment.

• Baseball- Sneakers or baseball cleats are required.  Bring your baseball glove and baseball hat.  You can bring your own bat, but we recommend that a) you put your name on it and b) ensure you are responsible for it at all times.  Most players also wear baseball pants.

• Soccer- Sneakers or soft soccer cleats (turf field) are required.  Shin guards recommended.  You can bring your own ball but be sure put your name on it.

• Basketball- Sneakers are required; it is played indoors at MC gym.  You can bring your own ball but be sure put your name on it.

• Ice Hockey- Players should wear full hockey gear, including helmet, and bring 1-2 sticks.  This is a no-check session, but full gear is needed.  We do not have equipment, as this is not a beginner program, experienced players only. 

• Golf- Players should wear appropriate golf wear: collared shirt, "dress" or khaki shorts with belt; no cut-off shorts or jeans.  Sneakers or soft spike golf shoes are required.  Metal spikes are not allowed.  Golf, baseball, or other appropriate hat is required.  Bring golf clubs if you have a set available for use: This is not a requirement, but please contact us with at four least weeks’ notice if you do not have clubs so that we will ensure we have enough equipment for all.  We typically share clubs if you do not have, but with COVID-19 times, this may not be an option.

• Rugby:  Sneakers or soft soccer cleats (turf field) are required.

• Cross-Country:  Running shoes are required.

Full Day program at Camp Nihan in Saugus:  If your child will be attending full day program (i.e., FULL DAY AT DAY CAMP OR half day sports camp, half day recreational and outdoor day camp), we recommend these items are also packed for the day:

                   _____ LUNCH, snacks- ALL CAMPERS BRING THEIR OWN LUNCH

                   _____ Bathing suit and towel

                   _____  Dress according to the weather:  we will still play outdoors even in the rain!

NOTE:  Sandals and flipflops are not allowed for play during ANY of our sports programs, as our campers are active throughout the day.  They are allowed on the beach at Day Camp only but NOT in other camp activities, such as hiking, outdoor games, sports. Sneakers are the best way to prevent foot and toe injuries.

Please leave valuables, electronic devices (cell phones, videogames, Ipods, etc.) and other unnecessary or inappropriate items at home when possible.  We aim to be a tech free camp.  AMC is not responsible for any lost, damaged items.  In today’s world, many campers will have their own phone but it is not needed at camp.  Staff do their best to discourage using phones and not allow them to use phones except if they ask for permission to call home.  Camp staff have phones that campers can use to call home as well.

MORNING DROP OFF:  For ages 12 & under, parents need to be present for check in, in order to answer COVID-19 related health questions.  Do not leave until your child has been checked in with staff.  For teens, they can answer these health questions individually.  In order to follow social distancing guidelines, you will be assigned a station to check in, and please stay 6 feet behind the family/camper in front you at all times.

Camp staff will complete health check as campers arrive:  One staff, who will be wearing a mask, will meet each family/camper at the check-in station, and ask health questions concerning the camper(s) and household members.  The staff will ask parent/teen camper if:

1)      If camper has experienced any COVID-19 symptoms within last two weeks? (Cough, Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, Fever,  Chills, Muscle Pain, Sore throat, New loss of taste or smell, Nausea, Vomiting, Diarrhea)

2)      If camper has been around anyone (including anyone in household) with any of the listed symptoms or diagnosis of COVID19 within last two weeks.

3)      If campers (or anyone in household) has traveled out of state, nationally or internationally since in last two weeks.

4)      If camper has not followed any state’s guidelines regarding COVID-19.

If the camper/parent answered “yes” to any of the questions above, the staff will ask parent and camper to step aside until others are checked in to determine next steps.  For symptoms or potential exposure, all must leave campus immediately; a negative test result or quarantine may be needed.  Depending on state and local requirements for travel and other guidelines, camper and family may need to leave for the day, and staff will follow up via phone for next steps.  Travel orders are still changing.  See COVID-19 symptoms and policies below to determine more info.

As campers are cleared for entry to camp, they will placed with their group and wait for group dismissal, standing 6 feet apart from all other campers (still wearing mask) on ground marks.  Camp will ensure there is space for groups and individuals to social distance.

If you will be more than 15 minutes late, please contact AMC Executive Director, Allan Gillis, to determine the location of check in.

And same goes if your child needs to leave early (more than 15 minutes).  There are no visitors (including parents) allowed on campus, per state order.  Please contact Allan Gillis to determine where to meet staff/camper for early dismissal. 

PICK UP:  For campers ages 8-12 who do not have permission to walk home (ages 10 & up are allowed to walk with parent permission), only the people who are listed on the Camp Application will be able to pick up your child.  If you need to add people to this list, please put in writing (note or email) and give to pick up/dismissal team staff. No campers are allowed to walk home unless a) Parent has given written permission, and b) child is ages 10 & up.  PLEASE DO NOT INTERACT WITH ANY OTHER CHILDREN so we can ensure correct social distancing and contact tracing. 

Please note:  Camp check in begins 15 mins before camp starts.  Please do not leave your child unsupervised before this time.  Camp is not responsible for your child until you check him or her in.  If a parent is not present (for ages 12 & under) at check in, we may not be able to allow the child to attend. Dismissal takes place at 11:30am (except hockey, see times).  If there is a situation in which you will be later than dismissal time, please contact Allan Gillis to determine next steps.  We will also try to contact you at that time if you are late; if unable to contact you, emergency contacts will be called, and if unavailable, emergency services may be called.  Campers who are picked up late consistently may not be able to continue in the program.  In the event an unregistered child arrives at camp, all attempts will be made to contact the child’s parent or guardian.  Unregistered children will not be allowed to participate in camp activities.  Emergency services may be called if unable to reach parents.

If your child will be absent, please inform dismissal team the day before, or if day of, call Allan Gillis.  If we are expecting your child and your child does not arrive at camp within 30 minutes of start time, camp staff will reach out to parents and then emergency contacts to ensure the child is safe.  If we are unable to reach anyone, we will contact emergency services to ensure child’s safety.


Your child will enjoy the activities most when he or she is taking care of his or her health, which includes drinking plenty of water, eating well, and getting a good night’s rest.  A current physical (within past 18 months) and a copy of up to date immunizations are needed to ensure that the child’s physician has approved participation.  Be sure to highlight any FOOD ALLERGIES or other potential health problems at camp.  If you have any concerns about your child’s health prior to or during camp, please contact the Camp Director.  Our staff will always contact a parent about any health situations; if a parent is unavailable, then we will contact the adults listed as emergency contacts on the child’s application.  Please keep those contacts current and be sure that you and/or those emergency contacts are available during your child’s stay.

Medication:  For inhalers and epipens:  These items must have your child’s name IN ITS ORIGINAL CONTAINER and Doctor’s orders/instructions for need and use.  Please complete the Parent Permission Medication form as well.  Athletes must be able to self-administer; staff can support, and are trained for emergencies.   Any other medication distribution needed during camp hours needs to managed with parent or adult approved by parent or parent needs to provide transportation to child to attend health center in Malden at distribution time.  No Medication will be distributed during camp hours by Camp Staff except emergency care.  Please speak to the Camp Director prior to camp start or on the first morning to discuss any medication concerns during clinic hours.  More info below.

ADDITIONAL COVID-19 INFORMATION AND CONCERNS- Please read all!  First, All Mass Camps recommends that every camper and family member continue to follow COVID-19 updates and recommendations from CDC and the state in regards to healthy practices for reducing spread of COVID-19, including handwashing, social distancing, not touching face, wearing masks, etc.  Federal, state, and local offices are also recommending to be cautious when going out anywhere:  There is a risk every time you leave your home, or someone else in your household leaves home, whether it’s for work, for food, for fun, etc.  There is a risk of attending camp with many other campers and staff. 

Facts:  COVID-19 is a virus that no human contracted before 2019, so until you have this virus, you do not have any antibodies to fight this virus; in other words, if you are exposed to this virus- at work, while food shopping, while picking up pizza, while at camp- you will get this virus, and so will everyone else that you are in contact with.  Approx. 80% of people who have contracted this virus have had no symptoms or minor symptoms that can be managed at home, which means 20% of people have more serious symptoms that may need help from health professionals, or hospitalization, and a small percentage of people who have underlying health challenges will be very sick or worse. 

And while it is small percentage who gets very sick, it does exist, and families have to determine their next steps.  Please consider if this risk is manageable by you and your family before deciding that your child will attend camp this summer.  We understand that this is a personal decision that we will support, regardless of what decision is best for your family.  What is still very unknown at this time is how long antibodies will protect someone from getting this virus again, or if the vaccine, as more and more receive it, will stop the spread.  By the time camp starts, we hope that most adults, teens, and even some children have had the chance to be vaccinated, but because not all will, we need to continue to work hard to ensure that all are safe.  Keep this in mind when determining what is best for your child and your family.

CAMPERS AND STAFF WITH PRE-EXISTING MEDICAL CONDITIONS DURING COVID-19:   In light of the continuing pandemic, All Mass Camps is recommending that campers with pre-existing health conditions consider waiting until next summer to come to camp. Likewise, if a camper is living with someone who has underlying medical conditions, that they consider waiting until next summer to come to camp.  Pre-screening of campers and staff will take place.  In addition to this pre-screening, campers and staff with pre-existing medical conditions will need medical clearance by their primary care providers in order for them to attend camp. All Mass Camps will also consult with our Health Care Consultant (HCC) and Board of Health/City of Malden to determine if additional information is needed before a camper or staff is cleared to attend as well.  

PEOPLE AT HIGH RISK OF SEVERE ILLNESS FROM COVID-19: Those at high risk may not be cleared by their PCP or by the camp’s HCC.  These would include people of all ages with underlying medical conditions, particularly if not well controlled, including: •People with chronic lung disease or moderate to severe asthma •People who have serious heart conditions •People who are immunocompromised (including cancer treatment, smoking, bone marrow or organ transplantation, immune deficiencies, poorly controlled HIV or AIDS, and prolonged use of corticosteroids and other immune weakening medications) •People with diabetes •People with chronic kidney disease undergoing dialysis •People with liver disease. 

All Mass Camps reserves the right not to admit a person showing signs or symptoms of any communicable disease or viral infection.

2021 Health Care Supervisors on site at this time:  TBA

Care of Mildly Ill Campers:  Campers with colds/cold or flu symptoms, with a fever, or with COVID-19 symptoms will not be permitted to attend camp.  Campers who are mildly ill or become mildly ill will BE REMOVED FROM GROUP/TEAM AND WILL NEED TO GO HOME ASAP.  Parent will be contacted for camper to go home.  Campers who show COVID-19 symptoms or have a fever of while at camp will be removed from the rest of campers to await pick up by parent. 

Administration of medication:  Before any medication is administered at camp, the following conditions must be met.  These requirements are also mandatory for self-medicating campers (Epipen, Inhaler)

·        Parent Authorization Form: A signed authorization from the parent to give medication while at camp

·        Licensed Provider Medication Order: A signed medication order from camper’s licensed prescriber (one for each medication)

·        If child is allowed to keep medication (only acceptable for Epipen or inhaler or diabetic/insulin needs), both the Provider and the Parent need to sign this on the Medication form.  Otherwise, staff will store medications in proper location.

·        Additional requirements need to be met by Camp, including training and approval by Health Care Consultant.  This may include parent assigning family member (adult) to administer meds or AMC staff transporting camper to approved medical facility for medication distribution.

·        All medications must be in their original container, with child’s name and medication’s name on it.

Storage of Medication:  Emergency medications, Epi-Pen® or inhaler, if not kept on self (camper), must be stored in a secure location that is accessible in case of emergency.  All other medications must be in a securely locked cabinet or in locked refrigerator.  More info on Medication Administration available in AMC Policies that are part of the City of Malden permit requirements.       

If a diabetic child requires his/her blood sugar to be monitored, or requires insulin injections, and the parent or guardian and the camp Health Care Consultant give written approval, the camper, who is capable, may be allowed to self-monitor and/or self-inject him/herself.  Blood monitoring activities and self-injection must take place in the presence of the Health Care Supervisor.

In case of Medical Emergency:  In the event a medical emergency arises, staff will ensure the safety of all campers while First Aid/CPR certified camp staff and Health Care Supervisor(s) manage the situation.  In all cases, parents will be notified as soon as possible. 

Please review the Meningococcal Disease & Immunization provided by the State of MA. Dept. of Health.  More info at

ALLERGIES- NUTS, PEANUTS:  All Mass Camps will not serve any nut nor peanut products.  However, we cannot ensure that all campers do not have nut products.  We call our program NUT-AWARE, as we will ask all campers to keep all nut or unknown products away from tables and to be aware of what they are eating and who they are eating with.  If you have any concerns about nut or any other food or environmental allergies, please contact the camp to determine best safety strategies.  With everyone eating 6 feet apart, that can help, but there may be campers who are severely allergic, and particles in the air, or left on a surface is enough for a severe reaction.  Please leave all peanut nut/tree nut/nut products at home.

RAINY DAYS:  We do our best to stay outside on rainy and cooler days, so please dress for the weather.  If the weather turns stormy, Malden Catholic will provide temporary shelter inside, large enough for social distancing protocols to continue, though outdoors is safer to reduce COVID-19 spread.  In more severe weather, we may end up staying inside for a longer time; we'll only go outside when it is safe (no thunder or lightening for 30+ minutes). COVID-19 Update:  Risks for contracting this virus goes up when indoors, so All Mass Camps will continue to encourage campers to dress for the weather, as we would prefer to be safer outside when possible.  If your child will not be attending camp due to the weather forecast, please contact All Mass Camps via email, text, or phone message, so we do not assume your child is sick.  If we do have to go inside, each Team will be assigned one section of the cabin to stay in until we are able to go back outside (or until dismissal).  To reduce risk of COVID-19 indoors, Teams will stay in that one section of space (gym, classroom, cafeteria), and wear a mask while indoors at all timesIf it’s stormy all day, your child’s Team will stay in that one section for the day.    Windows will be open if possible, even on cooler days, to help with air circulation. Again, please dress for the weather.

Behavior Expectations:  Three rules of camp are:  BE SAFE- Make decisions that keep yourself and others safe.  This includes staying with group, sharing with staff anything or anyone that makes you feel unsafe, supporting each other, using equipment properly, drinking water, using sunblock, etc. BE RESPECTFUL- take care of your own property and yourself, do not use other’s property without permission, respect the school property, take care of our supplies and equipment, show respect for staff and camp rules, be thoughtful of others feelings and differences, dress appropriately, etc.  BE NICE- be friendly, invite others to join in the game, help out new campers, be supportive of younger members or those that need help, be welcoming, be inclusive.  (More specific examples of this are reviewed on first day of camp during orientation in each program area space.)

If your child is having behavior challenges, our staff’s typical approach is several tries to redirect, then give a short break (time out), then meet with Camp Leadership, which is typically when we will involve parent; if behavior continues, camper may need to take a break from program area, or take time away from camp. 

If a child has made camp unsafe for himself or others, this may not be an appropriate program; the Camp Director will discuss with parent and staff to determine next steps.  Campers will also be reminded to follow COVID-19 precautions, and if they choose not to follow, discipline will include removal from the group in the moment and contacting parents.  If there is an immediate unsafe situation, parent may need to pick up child immediately.  This would include, but not limited to, bullying, stealing, violent incidents, destruction of property, possession of/use of weapons or drugs, etc.  This may also lead to termination from camp.

Other General Camp/Policy Info:

Below are AMC Policies for your information.  If you need additional information, parents have the right to review AMC Policies for background checks, health care, discipline policies, and grievance procedures upon request.

Background checks: Background checks, including CORI and SORI are completed for ALL staff and volunteers.  No person is allowed to work until all the required background checks have been performed and the Director has been notified of the staff’s clearance to work with children.

Staff Training:  All staff will attend orientation and receive training prior to camp start.  The training will include review of the camp mission, positive behavior management, and group management.  The staff will be trained on all emergency procedures and medical policies.  Each member of Camp Leadership will have certification in CPR/FA; additional support staff will also have CPR/FA.  Staff will be trained on Recognizing/Preventing and Reporting Abuse and Neglect.  All staff are considered mandated reporters in the event that abuse and/or neglect is suspected.  COVID-19 protocols and safety procedures will be reviewed with staff during training, with daily reminders of safety needs of campers and staff.  These will include hand washing routines, cleaning and maintenance schedules for equipment and supplies, reminders for social distancing and mask wearing, and more.

.190(D) Parents have the right to review policies for background checks, health care, discipline policies, and grievance procedures upon request.”

Sunblock Policy:  All Mass Camps strongly urges parents to pack sunblock (SPF 50+) for your child daily.  We recommend that sunblock is put on in the morning before camper arrives, as we will begin outdoor activities at camp start.  Is your child able to put sunblock on him or herself?  If not, or if you prefer that staff assist, please sign off on Permission for AMC staff to help child put sunblock on throughout the day.  We recommend due to COVID-19 concerns that your child is able to put on sunblock with direction from a staff, but if your child still needs assistance, they will have to wear their mask, as the staff will also wear a mask and gloves while assisting with sunblock.  Similar policy for bug spray if needed.

Grievances:  The Camp Director will immediately investigate all complaints/grievances and will take all steps necessary to remedy the situation.  Grievances will be discussed with camp counselors and necessary steps taken to continue camper safety.

Refund Policy:  Full refunds are available through May 1st (April 1st for Day Camp); partial refunds, minus the $50 deposit, are returned if cancelled two weeks prior to start date of session. If your child’s camp session is less than two weeks away, there is no refund.  Thank you for your understanding of this policy. 

COVID-19 Additional Notes on Safety, Refunds:  Please read all!  We hope that all campers who are interested are able to attend this summer.  However, we don’t want anyone to worry about fees when health and safety are way more important.  All Mass Camps asks that you do not send your child to camp if he or she has any COVID-19 symptoms or if anyone in your house has symptoms, or if anyone in your household has a confirmed case of COVID-19 (even without symptoms), or if your household has been asked to quarantine or if you think it is best based on your family’s situation or circumstances that you quarantine.  Because of these different times, if you are unable to attend due to COVID-19 symptoms or quarantine or your need to care for someone who has COVID-19, etc, All Mass Camps will move your fees to 2022, minus the $50 deposit per week or you can choose to make a donation to All Mass Camps and we can provide a tax-deductible receipt.  If your child needs to quarantine due to a potential case within their Team at camp, AMC will move your full tuition for remaining days of session to 2022.

Also, if at any point this summer, your family feels it is best to NOT attend camp regardless of situation, please contact All Mass Camps to determine case by case what options may be available.

If camp is NOT allowed to open due to state or local orders, regardless of the date of these orders, everyone will have one of these options:

5.      Receive a FULL refund

6.      Move their FULL payments to summer camp 2022

7.      Families can make a donation to All Mass Camps

8.      Or a combination of any of these options (partial refund for now with remaining fees moved for deposit for 2021, etc.)

We appreciate everyone’s understanding of these refund policies.  Please contact AMC with any questions or concerns.

All Mass Camps- Allan Gillis, Executive Director

40 Brunswick Street

Lowell, MA 01852

[email protected]


.190(C) “This camp must comply with regulations of the MDPH & be licensed by Malden Board of Health.” 


All Mass Camps

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