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All Mass Camps: Summer 2022

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Jan, 2022

CIT Info for 2022

All Mass Camps 2022: Counselor In Training Program UPDATED JANUARY 10, 2022

  •  As we prepare for summer 2022, All Mass Camps plans at this time to follow similar procedures to summer 2021 in terms of COVID-19 safety.  This is a fluid document, as we wait for CDC, state, and local offices to determine new requirements and procedures that are needed to meet expectations for a healthy and safe camp during these times.  Most important thing I wanted to share is this:  If you and your family decide that you are not able to attend this summer, please be sure to cancel by April 1st for a full refund (this date may be pushed to future dates depending on the COVID news in the spring).  Cancelling will not be held against you for future summers as a CIT nor as consideration as potential future Junior Counselor.  Safety for yourself and your family- physical safety, emotional safety, etc.- is more important now than ever.  Call with any questions.

CIT Program at Day Camp:  The Day Camp program runs for ages 8-13; 14 year olds can choose to continue one more year as a camper or choose CIT; campers who have attended the camp in the past can register at age 14 & 15 as a Counselor In Training. 

The fee for this program is $50, as we hope that you can help out volunteering at camp half of your day, with the other half having fun with peers and younger campers.  For 2022, CITs may not have as many options in terms of choosing activities at this time; the group you are assigned to for the week is the group you may need to stay with ALL DAY, even during your “play” half of the day, during lunch time, etc.  For all the time you are at camp, however, you are a leader and role model, so we expect that your behavior, attitude, and participation will be positive at all times.  In fact, All Mass Camps staff start to watch for leadership qualities in current campers, ages 12 & 13. 

As a CIT, if you complete the week you committed to, you will receive a $50 stipend for the week.  The AMC staff will be counting on you to help prepare areas, to help with cleaning and sanitization, to assist with program activities and special events, and also observing your work ethic, attitude, and initiative to make recommendations for the future.  If working with youth is an interest of yours, AMC may consider you as a Junior Counselor when you’re 16.  If this field is not in your interest or not the right fit, that is absolutely okay, as it’s helpful to know what you’re not interested in as you begin looking at both summer jobs and future career paths.  AMC staff can write a recommendation for you to use as you apply for other jobs in the future. 

To register for this program, parents can sign up their teen the same way as a camper, but with three distinctions:

1.  CITs can only register for up to TWO WEEKS unless approved by Lisa Gillis; email [email protected] to request additional dates.  In order to attend more than two weeks, CITs have to earn that spot by showing positive leadership skills past summers, as well as continue this year while in their session.

2.  CITs must attend a pre-summer training in June (date TBA, based on Camp Nihan availability). For 2022, trainings will most likely be online, through zoom meetings and webinars; please be sure Lisa Gillis has the best email to reach PARENT; communication will be with parents directly, and with their permission, teens will be able to join the zoom training.

3.  CIT’s must complete an essay BOTH for when they are 14 AND 15. 

  • Choose one of the following topics (do not use the same essay as last year- Lisa really does save them J):  My Favorite Day (or Moment/Memory) at Day Camp; Why (Name) was my Favorite Staff at Camp; How I Can Make an Impact at Camp; Ideas for a Special Event; How to Make a New Camper Feel Welcome; In 5 years, my ideal job would be…

Email this to Lisa Gillis at [email protected] within two weeks of applying for CIT role. 

CITs typical day:  All Mass Camps needs lots of help at certain times of day and for certain activities.  Here are some examples: taking boats out of shed in morning so that younger campers can access; cleaning up areas at the end of the period; helping to carry supplies, such as sporting equipment, playground balls, crafts, special games, for different areas around camp; helping at fishing dock or with a special art project with younger campers; lead/assist with hiking or other outdoor adventure activities; put all waterfront gear and boats away for lock up each day; organize and lead games and activities on special event days.  With enough CITs, you would help out in these areas noted above for half of the day; the other half of the day, you can choose what activities you'd like to participate in.  If this sounds like something that your teen would be interested in, please register today!  Since the camp is really for ages 8-13, we have to limit how many CITs we have each week.

Additional needs for 2022:  AMC will need additional help with ensuring that everyone follows new health and safety procedures and practices.  As CITs, we definitely need you to be a good role model in this area:  This includes following COVID-19 safety protocols, such as social distancing, wearing a mask, handwashing routines, and encouraging younger campers, in a positive way, to do the same. We may also need help with keeping up with cleaning procedures, such as ensuring that campers place items (game pieces, toys, etc.) in cleaning bins after use, that hand sanitizer and soap dispensers are filled, etc.; we may ask you to wear gloves and/or mask for safety.  You will NOT be responsible for any heavy disinfecting at camp but you will be setting up equipment, preparing areas, etc. which means you will need to wash your hands before moving that equipment AND after you set things up, and give the items a spray with disinfectant or wipes, etc.  You need to take your own safety seriously.  You may be a group leader that walks the smaller groups to the next activity space and report to staff if campers are not following social distancing or making other unhealthy decisions. 

For more info, please contact Lisa Gillis at [email protected]

For Junior Counselor role:
This role is for 16 & 17 year olds. There is still a minimal fee to register, as we still need your parent permission and contact info, other emergency contact and medical info, and your physical uploaded.  The stipend per week is $150+, depending on the role you play in assisting at camp.  This is a chance to experience working in a youth development and education setting, as well as attend trainings in general work and life skills. You must reach out to Lisa Gillis to set up an interview time (on zoom) [email protected] Very limited spots for this role, in terms of ratios, budget, and need.


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